The Straits Times Life section on the 14 June 2019, Great Singapore Sale and its focus on local designers and their new collections. In collaboration with Robinsons and SFIC, The Object by the Entrance Way Collection is now selling (till 28 July) at Robinsons Heeren for GSS. GSS: Experience Singapore 2019 is organised by Singapore Retail Association



What does the term “designing for the future” mean? This question was posed to us at 11H when we took part in International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS). Aside from considering a slew of new technologies that could be integrated into homes, we had to consider solutions for evolving lifestyles.


Klass Series for Versalink at China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) and Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) March 2016Commissioned by Versalink, 11H designed the Klass Series – a desk with a range of accessories which could be added through online purchase. The innovative desk, characterized by clean lines, was exhibited at Malaysia International Furniture Fair (MIFF) on 1-5 March 2016 and China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) on 18-21 March 2016. Into its 22th year, MIFF has aged and matured to be the South East Asian stage for furniture – exporting 80% of their local production. Indeed, the 6000 buyers represented by 140 countries met 500 local and international exhibitors, recording sales above US$900 million. This was achieved through focus on original design that places importance on aesthetics and work ethics. CIFF started in 1998, growing in scale and size to house 250,000 trade buyers and 5,000 exhibitors. International exhibitors hail from USA, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Israel, Malaysia, India etc making it truly a global furniture event. More than a trade show, CIFF has 42 forums and brand events bringing together industry experts to contribute and learn from each other. In 2015, Milan Chamber of Commerce became the official partner of CIFF. At this year’s fair, High Point Market Authority, possibly the largest furniture trade show in the world, announced their strategic partnership with CIFF. Alliances such as these brings CIFF prominence to the world’s stage, making it a place to see and be seen.


The M Series Lifestyle Accessories Collection at Paperworld Frankfurt 28 – 31 January 2016 11H’s creation – M Series Lifestyle Accessories for the living and working environment was proudly showcased at Paperworld Frankfurt 2016 in January. Paperworld is a platform for ideas and a communication hub for dynamic industry players in stationery, office supplies and writing instruments. Global demand and supply convene at Paperworld. At Frankfurt am Main 2016, there were more than 1600 international manufacturers interacting with 34,000 visitors from 139 countries. More than traditionally a top ordering event for retailers and corporate buyers, Paperworld new products showcase, award ceremonies, trend setting areas brings the latest and best to the world. From everyone to everyone – making it the most important forum for innovation in the office supplies business.

A key show at the event, Paperworld Trends explores the question of what drives fashion, architecture, product and furniture design. These are reinterpreted into the stationery and office supplies development. Lectures, exhibition and discussion bring together significant people to generate ideas for the future in the industry. M Series made its debut at Paperworld together with what’s in vogue in the stationery and office supplies industry. 11H was at the forefront of the business with M Series, designed to meet the changing trends and technology of today’s consumer. This work was commissioned by Metro Plastic under Singapore’s Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) for Investment in Design.


Perception of Beauty, design installation by Kenny Hong at the SingaPlural 2016 reflected beauty in subtle changes. SingaPlural, the anchor event of Singapore Design Week, explores the value of design through installations, talks, tours and workshop – showcasing the best from the various creative fields – architecture, interior, furniture, urban planning, landscape, visual communications and fashion.  “Singular” meets “Plural” – the idea behind the name SingaPlural, is the aspiration that it bridges designers and the industry, allowing movement into each other’s domain to expand possibilities and collaboration. The talks ranges from design related “Experience Design” and “Artist Residency Projects at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute” to technical related “The Future of 3D Printing in Art and Design”. Local and overseas speakers share their insights adding breadth into the event.  SingaPlural – Celebrating Design 2016 held at 99 Beach Road, the iconic building in this historic stretch, boasts 71 installations under the theme “Senses – The Art and Science of Experiences”. Young artists pushed boundaries and engaged audiences to change mindsets and experience design through touch, sound, smell and sight.  Perception of Beauty – A series of rectilinear volumes that are similar at a glance but has slight variation in detail forces the observer to really see. People tend to look at things without “seeing”. Through this, one understands that beauty is an accumulation of our total experience – often sublimely gleaned through “feeling”.


The Cloud, a lighting installation commissioned by The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star), was proudly featured amongst the 25 participating at iLight Marina Bay in 2016, Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival. Local and international artists from Japan, Norway, Germany, New Zealand, Israel and USA through the theme, “In Praise of Shadows” sought to reframe the perception of light and its beauty. Environmental sustainability reinterprets light – its fundamentals, forms and role.iLight Marina Bay was first held in 2010 when Marina Bay aspired to be a sustainable precinct in Singapore. Today, it has entrenched its position with the support of major buildings in its “Switch off, Turn Up” campaign. The long and growing list of stakeholders are encouraged to switch off non-essential lightings and turn up the air-conditioning temperature – savings that power up and bring vibrancy to the festival. The fourth since 2010, iLight Marina Bay 2016, boasts of the most local participants since its inception. Promoting local talent and incorporating sustainable elements in the installation has been the ethos of the festival. Strong partnership with local tertiary institutions saw 5 of their installations exhibited for the first time. The Cloud, Kenny Hong’s installation, symbolizes God’s presence guiding and protecting the community in Asia. Utilizing Printed Lighting, also known as Electroluminescent Lighting (EL), an innovative technology by A*STAR, the thin, light emitting foil gives an aesthetically pleasing, uniform diffused light, creating a visual interaction of curvilinear planes. It gives a multisensory, swirling movement of a supernatural cloud. A*Star is a public government body under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Its mission is to advance science and develop innovative technology to further economic growth and improve lives.


Simplicity meets functionality – The Sheep Mirror, designed by Kenny Hong, won the prestigious Launch Pad Asia 2015 competition in November at the Hong Kong InDesign. Hong Kong InDesign brings together boutique international and regional design houses and creative talents from the architecture and design industry. It originates from Sydney, spreading across Australia to Singapore and Hong Kong. Formerly known as “Saturday in Design”, the new name, “InDesign: the Event” is the umbrella name that encompasses Hong Kong InDesign, Singapore InDesign, Sydney InDesign, Melbourne InDesign and Brisbane InDesign. The event itself was inspired by the idea that the presentation should be highly designed – immersive, curated and experiential – breaking away from the traditional exhibition hall format to linking multiple locations across the city’s design precincts. Launch Pad has been a pillar of the Australian design industry, mentoring design greats who have found success internationally. In its first foray into Asia, Launch Pad Asia 2015 has finalists from across Asia promoting real relationships between people, ideas and products in design. Its highly publicized Launch Pad Finalists Exhibition of design prototypes is a key feature of Hong Kong InDesign, attracting 2000 international visitors in a day. The award is a recognition for Kenny and his democratic belief in good design for all. The Sheep Mirror uses customizable 3D printed parts as connectors and accessories. Homeowners can experiment by printing the extra accessories as desired – it stylish, versatile and economical.