Hong Kong InDesign 19-20 November 2015

Simplicity meets functionality – The Sheep Mirror, designed by Kenny Hong, won the prestigious Launch Pad Asia 2015 competition in November at the Hong Kong InDesign.

Hong Kong InDesign brings together boutique international and regional design houses and creative talents from the architecture and design industry. It originates from Sydney, spreading across Australia to Singapore and Hong Kong. Formerly known as “Saturday in Design”, the new name, “InDesign: the Event” is the umbrella name that encompasses Hong Kong InDesign, Singapore InDesign, Sydney InDesign, Melbourne InDesign and Brisbane InDesign.

The event itself was inspired by the idea that the presentation should be highly designed – immersive, curated and experiential – breaking away from the traditional exhibition hall format to linking multiple locations across the city’s design precincts.

Launch Pad has been a pillar of the Australian design industry, mentoring design greats who have found success internationally. In its first foray into Asia, Launch Pad Asia 2015 has finalists from across Asia promoting real relationships between people, ideas and products in design. Its highly publicized Launch Pad Finalists Exhibition of design prototypes is a key feature of Hong Kong InDesign, attracting 2000 international visitors in a day.

The award is a recognition for Kenny and his democratic belief in good design for all. The Sheep Mirror uses customizable 3D printed parts as connectors and accessories. Homeowners can experiment by printing the extra accessories as desired – it stylish, versatile and economical.