Perception of Beauty, design installation by Kenny Hong at the SingaPlural 2016 reflected beauty in subtle changes.

SingaPlural, the anchor event of Singapore Design Week, explores the value of design through installations, talks, tours and workshop – showcasing the best from the various creative fields – architecture, interior, furniture, urban planning, landscape, visual communications and fashion.

“Singular” meets “Plural” – the idea behind the name SingaPlural, is the aspiration that it bridges designers and the industry, allowing movement into each other’s domain to expand possibilities and collaboration. The talks ranges from design related “Experience Design” and “Artist Residency Projects at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute” to technical related “The Future of 3D Printing in Art and Design”. Local and overseas speakers share their insights adding breadth into the event.

SingaPlural – Celebrating Design 2016 held at 99 Beach Road, the iconic building in this historic stretch, boasts 71 installations under the theme “Senses – The Art and Science of Experiences”. Young artists pushed boundaries and engaged audiences to change mindsets and experience design through touch, sound, smell and sight.

Perception of Beauty – A series of rectilinear volumes that are similar at a glance but has slight variation in detail forces the observer to really see. People tend to look at things without “seeing”. Through this, one understands that beauty is an accumulation of our total experience – often sublimely gleaned through “feeling”.